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- What is vehicle tax and why is it due?

A vehicle tax is a regional tax that each vehicle owner must pay.

- How much is my vehicle tax?

The cost depends on the type and the power of your vehicle expressed in kilowatts.

You can calculate your tax rate using the Vehicle Tax Calculation online service.

- When is my vehicle tax due?

The payment for your vehicle tax is due within thirty days (30) following the previous deadline. If you do not know when your tax is due, please contact our offices or whatever ACI Delegation or any licensed agency for vehicle tax. ✍ More details

- I am a person with a disability or I am a person who has a disabled relative in care. Do I have to pay the vehicle tax?

You can apply for exemption from paying vehicle tax if you are:

1. Blind

2. Deaf

3. A mentally disabled person who gets Attendance Allowance

4. A disabled person with a permanent mobility impairment or an amputated person

5. A disabled person with car adaptations and adjustments

In Puglia, the people who get attendance allowance are always entitled to exemption from paying vehicle tax. This exemption does not apply to trucks.

The exemption application (here the english instructions) shall be presented at any local ACI Territorial Units, at any ACI Delegation, or authorised car consulting agency. ✍ More details

- Should I pay vehicle tax for a 30-year-old car or over?

Yes. You should pay €30 for vehicles and €20 for motorcycles. ✍ More details

- I have recently bought a new Eco-Friendly Vehicle. Is there any reduction in vehicle tax?

The new electric vehicles, the vehicles fueled only with LPG or Methane, bi-fuel vehicles that use either gasoline or LPG or either gasoline or methane, and hydrogen vehicles, are exempt from paying vehicle tax for five years following the date of first registration. ✍ More details

- Do I have to pay vehicle tax if my car has been stolen?

The holder of the vehicle is exempted from paying vehicle tax when the vehicle itself, no later than the final deadline for the payment, and including any necessary extension or delay, has been stolen, demolished or subject to unavailability following a judicial decision, pursuant to Regione Puglia Law no. 25 of 4 December 2003.

The events mentioned before must necessarily be recorded in the Public Register of Motor Vehicles (PRA).

- When can I apply for a vehicle tax refund?

You can get a refund for your vehicle tax if: a double payment has been made (with the same deadline); an excess payment has occurred; an undue payment has been made or if the payment has been made using a wrong registration number.

The refund claims with the english instructions shall be submitted at the local ACI Territorial Units, at any ACI Delegation or authorised car consulting agency. ✍ More details

Forms to download for compilation (➯.pdf)

[exemption application]

[refund claims]